☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️ fullbananabouquet-posts. graysexualsherlockholmes Army vet(98-02). Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna. fullbananabouquet-posts. skippyv20 reblogged this from truthseekerblogger. cancer1952 liked this fullbananabouquet-posts. Jan 16, 2020 · @skippyisheretostay For your Anon! 😂. 49 notes. Meghan Markle Will Announce Second Pregnancy Around Princess Beatrice’s Wedding,😱 Netizen Says🚨. Sorry but she thinned her face out. skippyv20 reblogged this from lemoncoughdrops2. alinnecom2ns reblogged this from adore-london. batcorgimom. Cooled down, and 🚩was "walking dogs with Archie". fullbananabouquet-posts: Bob knows who MM is (allegedly) 🤫. She can go for it, but at least in all German speaking countries fullbananabouquet-posts. fullbananabouquet-posts liked this . ” Our bodies remember trauma and abuse - quite literally. As an As an American, generally we see the Royals as a fairytale, though recent developments in this area have helped highlight the fact they are real people like everyone else. This usually includes things such as participating in a war against one’s native country, attempting to overthrow its government, spying on its military, its diplomats, or its secret services for a hostile and foreign power, or attempting fullbananabouquet-posts: Now that’s a connection I never considered - this tweet was tied in with Elton John…what are his connections with SoHo House Feb 23, 2020 · fullbananabouquet-posts. All About Healthy Life. skippyv20 reblogged this from maj-lench2018. Here in South Africa we always have chronic shortages of blood in hospital "blood banks", so there are constant drives and promotions to encourage people to "donate a pint and save a life ' That's a fullbananabouquet-posts skippyv20. hunnymae liked this May 20, 2018 · fullbananabouquet-posts added this GIF to a post . i love stuff like this, just need to wait and see if what people are sharing turns out to be true! mm · 49 notes. gin-and-chin. A Sense of Duty… But respect has to be earned JAN MOIR says Harry and Meghan’s grovelling documentary could damage their cause . There was The Finders. Well, well and bears poo in the woods Nov 22, 2019 · She’ll take a large pie, hold the domestic violence. just shows you, Meghan is paying for Blinds and you take them with a pinch of salt fullbananabouquet-posts. For the first time in history we currently have a woman in the position. https://t Jim Carter and Phyllis Logan on Downton Abbey, Harry and Meghan @skippyv20 got to watch this video omg out of all the royal family Jim carter wants a chat with MM what does the backers have on Jim I can only speak for myself, of course, but obsessively compulsively chasing down a huge conspiracy theory that started with an aging cable show actress that takes a swing through the BRF and has tentacles into a massive international sex trafficking ring of women and children, that involves many of the richest and most powerful people in the world, that you can’t talk much about among your fullbananabouquet-posts. countessgreytea. lovepoppyfan liked this Our site does not claim credit for any of the images, media, or information posted on here unless otherwise stated. No Obviously, having a dog named after Prince Harry, means I cant help myself from following the Royals on the news. 1) It was killing her that she couldn't pap walk in the UK 2) Meghan paid for the shit eating grin pics in Canada 3) Harry was probably pissed and she had to pretend she didn't call them 4) Nobody cares about them, there aren't photographers camped outside their house 5 fullbananabouquet-posts: “ THE HEAT IS ON…. #thefinders#nwo# jeffrey epstein#jimmy savile#pizza gate#USA#cia#fbi. hunnymae liked this why are they only allowed to take official pictures in that one green room - the rest have to be outside? DM ? want to look into this? skippyv20 fullbananabouquet-posts. Also ironic is that a large part of the racism narrative has been the ‘compton’ headline when it was fullbananabouquet-posts: someone else may have already commented and brought this up…? Yup, that one line says it all for me. All About Healthy Life · Posts · Likes · Following · Archive · animal-obsession · quique72. I can't share everything but, If you ask me something about Meg, or her circle of Toronto friends, I'll try and answer See, that's what the app is perfect for. Kate was due to attend the gala with husband Prince William, but a royal source said the Duchess was no longer able to go to the event “due to the children” but would still meet finalists at a tea at Kensington Palace on Thursday afternoon. But this shows that royal reporters are following Meghans Mirror and know about her merching…so why aren’t they reporting on it? © 2019–2020 Keeping Up With the Banana Drama | Theme Inspire. Any stories offered and any articles published are the opinion of the authors and not necessarily based on fact. co. twitter. Elton describes child porn as “art” too…Elton’s name is high on the list of one of the next ones to be ‘outed’ fullbananabouquet-posts. Hi again! My involvement in this has taken such an odd turn. Open in app  18 Oct 2019 razziegirl: “ fullbananabouquet-posts: “ I've tried to avoid sharing images where there are posts of Diana and MM together…MM is not worthy of the connection! However, I do see this SA interview being Political Baby Yoda on Twitter. Look at the tan lines on her feet. Is RMM REALLY that delusional or is this BRF PR putting the screws in so more will see her for who she truly is? MM seriously can’t be this fullbananabouquet-posts reblogged this from the-charlatan-duchess. ” Any speculation as to what the announcement is? I suspect it’s bad - but, oh, what will it be??? Via fullbananabouquet-posts-deactiv Anonymous: talk about self destruction Harry sacrificed being the most popular royal in the UK for being a second tier celeb in the US. I am using them under fair use. - This baby looks older than 8 weeks. Meghan Markle is reportedly disliked not for her race and feminist views, but due to her dishonesty and overspending. Religion is a Mental Illness. 1. princeharryandme fullbananabouquet-posts. H&M have got a v good deal but not what M outlined on their website. Baby Darren a few month older I’m telling ya! Source: love-jovialcollectionenemy. Apr 10, 2019 · As he was throwing shade at the Duchess of Sussex, Arbiter pointed out that Meghan needs to remember the pecking order of the Royal Family. Katie Hopkins on Twitter “MEGHAN IS BACK. mia-soufi2020. graysexualsherlockholmes fullbananabouquet-posts liked this . hunnymae reblogged this from skippyv20. It is a crime that covers some of the more extreme acts against one’s nation or sovereign. sandiedog. fullbananabouquet-posts reblogged this from skippyv20. jamalee50  Before Epstein, Pizza Gate, Savile. Studied Marilyn for fullbananabouquet-posts reblogged this from hunnymae. fullbananabouquet-posts: “Something strange is going on…and it’s not as we know it? Where is PH??? Is this his double? Dare I say it…??? ” The eye color is different, for starters. Anonymous asked: 1. com 77foxglove a dit : Getting more sloppy by the day, hair, spelling, dates, schedule, the drugs do damage and no one can keep track of all the lies. I’m not sure how to start this so I’m going to jump right in. Industry Bish I have secrets I want to share. ” MI6 Interference in US Politics It’s beginning, goody. Feel free to reblog of course. Turn on the volume! 😂😂 She crosses her legs ALL the way over to get that wobbly hooker walk. KATE, the Duchess of Cambridge has been unfairly attacked on social media following a post congratulating Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, on her birthday One user said: “That they chose an image where Duchess Meghan isn’t centred though the post is dedicated to her birthday speaks volumes as to the Cambridges’ lack of class. MEGHAN MARKLE had husband Prince Harry cross the "narrow line" between celebrity and royal life he had sworn to "never cross," royal biographer Angela Levin has claimed. hunnymae reblogged this from houseofwindsorfan. Source on photograph. MEGHAN MARKLE was revealed to have regularly dameedna reblogged this from fullbananabouquet-posts and added: Speaking order is Prince William, Prince Harry, Megan Markle, Catherine Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William. If you are offended by anything on my page that's your problem, as I don't care! Into dirt bikes, sport bikes, fast cars, the mountains/nature's beauty, metal music, mma and beautiful women. Powered by “Lilo may be blaming herself (unfairly) for her parents’ death. Posts Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have announced that they will be highlighting one Instagram account each month to remind their followers of 'all the good that is happening in the world. truthseekerblogger fullbananabouquet-posts reblogged this from hunnymae. The difference is striking. Oh my, the stomach is one thing but the look these guys are giving her is another! emsi247. “Thank you for that warm welcome at this Well-Off Bankers” event # fullbananabouquet-posts said: It appears that the press can’t put out their front pages/news until 1 minute past 12am - not sure why and how long this has been going on? @marysuzyperla fullbananabouquet-posts. This is by far the best opening monologue from an awards show I’ve ever seen. See, that’s what the app is perfect for. image. hunnymae. razziegirl: “ fullbananabouquet-posts: “” Very very interesting. Nice try Psycho !!! Anonymous said: I’m confused, does she think she outplayed RF by copyrighting D and D of S, because legally she is not supposed to have title if not citizen and it can be revoked easily. @princeharryandme and @bella2491. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don't wanna. com. Harry responded on Dec 29 thus giving the hoaxers his personal email addy and then later Harry returned their phone call and also gave them his personal phone number. ” A Sense of Duty… But respect has to be earned JAN MOIR says Harry and Meghan’s grovelling documentary could damage their cause . tubaistealainn reblogged this from jerseydeanne · jamalee50 said: Sunshine Sachs? Maybe SS is more than just a PR agency. View Full. This Malawi business, this is what the NyasaTimes published in 2017 about PH’s 10 day safari at Mvvu Camp - without his girlfriend. scorpiotwentythree. and her obvious oblivious comprehension of those around her. British flavoured gardens. aalittlebitofeverything reblogged this from adore-london. haveatiara reblogged this from countesscuriosity. there’s nothing “regal” about Meghan. "I think Granny is the most happy there. London Scoop came from @iamstillskippy…. “BP at pains to say everything has been warm and friendly… but we know that HMQ & rest of family have been devastated by all of this. bella2491. Hahahaha. DUCHASS DISASTER Entertainment only! All views are subjective and my own and may not be true. Posts · Likes · Following · Ask me anything · Submit a post · Archive · fullbananabouquet- . meghan markle prince harry prince william kate middleton fullbananabouquet-posts liked this . aclownroyale posted this fullbananabouquet-posts. 7 Jan 2020 I am using them under fair use. External image duchessdreadful. Harry is less than a year from the same age. The head looks weird. IMO “Archie” has a bobblehead and a photoshopped head on the body (same as Doria’s in the bottom image) bella2491. cancer1952 liked this fullbananabouquet-posts reblogged this from formerlyroyal. 5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. And right now everyone is Venus wondering wtf is wrong with this Celebrate 'The Crown' by posting fan art, gifs or edits – we love creating our original content, but we also love sharing yours!Showcase your work here, and find friends and followers. gin-and-chin reblogged this from yankeewally. By now, we all know the Harry and Meghan drill. In law, treason is criminal disloyalty, typically to the state. truthseekerblogger fullbananabouquet-posts reblogged this from skippyv20. torontopaper1 update: new tweet. snosrapoahu liked this fullbananabouquet-posts. ♡ ” Dec 28, 2018 · fullbananabouquet-posts liked this . WTF you would swear this was a boy band concert, I bet she cried. Anonymous asked: You all know that BC has a son, right? It might be scrubbed, the story of how he would visit her, his friends had to stop fullbananabouquet-posts reblogged this from hunnymae and added: I do agree with PH’s statement about “relentless propaganda that is designed to manipulate the reader” skippyv20: “ I think she was trying to have a “tee hee hee oh surprised baby just kicked moment” FAKE WITCH. You may know her from her starring roles in BBC's Great Expectations and Labyrinth or remember her as tragic Ruth Elms in The Hour's first season. It seems to have an obsession with the rich and famous. That The fact that they're not getting papped after the daily pap walks after Meghan was left to her devices means several things. Meghan Markle could announce her second pregnancy before or after Princess Beatrice’s wedding, … “The Duchess of Cambridge has cancelled her appearance at the Tusk Conservation Awards on Thursday 20 November, Kensington Palace confirms. I thought I was simply fishing for the odd gossip amongst the ‘gentlemens’ club’ but I’ve actually developed a curious bond with the most unlikely one from my last post. love-jovialcollectionenemy reblogged this from keepingupwiththeroyals mysweetteame said: They stripped Air Force One. The world-renowned chef died Wednesday at the age of 59, one week after testing positive for COVID-19. Quick update for interested Tumblrs … Please keep in mind this could be a larp/troll account … so far they’ve been big on the tease but zip zero zilch offered in actual receipts, absolutely nothing tangible has been offered as yet. Source: quique72 · 503 notes Mar 20th, 2020. in order to not create confusion…this was Skippy’s Anon. Like them, they had a long relationship before deciding to get married. Vincit Omnia Veritas! My account name (Angel) was given to me by the amazing Skippy, who also encouraged me to join this wonderful world of Tumblr. A quick-thinking Ohio woman pretended to order a pizza — but was really calling 911 — to save her mother from an alleged abuser, police sa… Apr 29, 2019 · hunnymae: Can you please repost that gif file of May checking out the fake bump? I spent like an hour looking for it and cannot find it. From Canada in the rain fullbananabouquet-posts. . Will behaves like a mature responsible adult, like his mother at a similar age, but despite the obvious differences. supershnoggi liked this @jerseydeanne Yes, she was technically with Trevor—as in probably hadn’t sent back her rings, but the divorce was final in August 2013, and we know she prefers to have the next man in hand before fullbananabouquet-posts. All photos are found on a public domain. Is this MM’s paid cameraman and she “was” going to “crash fullbananabouquet-posts. Very very interesting. “Keep paying attention to who is getting the virus. Now, they’re reportedly considering moving to the US where they can reunite with the ‘secret daughter’ the former Hollywood actress has kept hidden … until now. Mar 07, 2019 · Meghan Markle: This ONE PHOTO sparked such vile abuse Kensington Palace had to step in MEGHAN Markle has been targeted with staggering levels of online abuse ever since one photo of her emerged Fullbananabouquet tumblr May 10, 2019 · PRINCE HARRY has been warned he is “in danger” of shutting out the press after Buckingham Palace delayed reporting Meghan Markle was in Labour by seven hours after she had given birth, and It’s been four months since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry welcomed baby Archie Harrison into the world. By Catherine Armecin on 09/27/19 . Lights Out with David Spade on Twitter “It was such an honor to have Meghan Markle on the show. 6. Everything here is speculation only! This site is strictly for Again, the same MO as Sophie Hunter who laundered and moved dirty money around with the help of people like Euan Rellie. shbdbxjdje liked this . Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna fullbananabouquet-posts-deactiv. This is Meghan Markle’s version of Diana. enjoy! I ask you please not remove and reblog as your own. This was the only connection she could make, the only thing she could have had any control over, so to her it must have been her fault. razziegirl. blackflamingo85 liked this . They respond to new situations with strategies learned during moments that were terrifying or life-threatening. Londonbirde Final Post - This is LONDON SCOOP. Jun 18th, 2019. Our bodies remember, but memory Mar 17, 2019 · Reblog from fullbouquetobananas tumblr💖please follow ~Sara Latham On WordPress again she chooses a cold snooty photo with black and white filter #narc (via skippyisheretostay). uk. Interesting developments indeed! A few days ago it was revealed that Jessica Mulroney, under the guise of Shoebox Project had fullbananabouquet-posts-deactiv. She's acting like a fan girl meeting her idol for the first time. Jul 06, 2019 · Just a few quick thoughts on the photos from today's baptism of Archie Harrison. hunnymae liked this “The Duchess of Cambridge has cancelled her appearance at the Tusk Conservation Awards on Thursday 20 November, Kensington Palace confirms. We're dedicated to all things Vanessa Kirby, the enhanting English stage, tv and film actress. Thanks in advance I’m so sorry Anon, I found it in my archives but when I click on it I get this; I do have this epic still photo though, I hope that’ll do! Does anyone else have the working gif? Thanks! Hahahaha! I love this! (via emsi247) Nov 22, 2019 · She’ll take a large pie, hold the domestic violence. If you see anything on this site that belongs to you and you wish for it to be removed please tell us immediately. mashafootball added this GIF to a post . talkingtarot added this GIF to a post well well well… what have we here? this is getting funnier and funnier May 18, 2019 · fullbananabouquet-posts reblogged this from hunnymae. fullbananabouquet-posts · #jimmy savile#prince charles#monarchy#media#uk news. earlandcountessofdumbarton. hunnymae reblogged this from countessgreytea. Oh narcissist, you have no clue and seemingly no care that empathy is a part of true spirit and a loving human… A petition demanding Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s £20 million security bill does not land at the feet of British taxpayers has received more than 5,000 signatures - just a day after being set up. 0. Slapped myself with my buttered bread for getting so angry. ' The order doesn’t matter…. Thanks in advance I’m so sorry Anon, I found it in my archives but when I click on it I get this; I do have this epic still photo though, I hope that’ll do! Does anyone else have the working gif? Thanks! Hahahaha! I love this! (via emsi247) Me-Again Sparkle “The Charlatan Duchess” ©️&™️ TheCharlatanDuchess. Mar 20, 2020 · It’s gonna be interesting to see whether Megsy does a Mother’s Day post today or if waits for May we’ll see (again) her true colours, she says she “cares” still for the UK but virtually every other country celebrates in May. Drum practice ahead of the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, 2015. fullbananabouquet-posts-deactiv. As per Londonbirde and other sources this is going to involve every member of Five Eyes… thelovelyladylindsay reblogged this from fullbananabouquet-posts. bizzymommy reblogged this from aclownroyale. Maybe wrong…but theory. Revealed: Why Meghan hugs palace staff and the public but refuses royal greeting. Open in app; Facebook · Tweet · Reddit · Mail  Here to support the BRF! Any stories offered and any articles published are the opinion of the authors and not necessarily based on fact. 2. “ 8 notes Mar 16th, 2020. Sitting at the very top is the Queen, and in the former aide’s eyes, she’s the only person that matters. Diana spread her wings overseas after leaving the BRF. this is brilliant. He holds his head up well, a bit like a 3 or 4 month old would. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna razziegirl: “A throwback to her first scarfing. Posted on September 1 by Aeltri · skippyv20:. again, it’s the information that is important…. fullbananabouquet-posts reblogged this from formerlyroyal. Church of England 'deeply institutionally racist', admits Archbishop of Canterbury ‘I’m ashamed of our history Reblogging the side eyes…. superawesomelady liked this fullbananabouquet-posts. Exactly what she is doing, she is a psycho!😊 ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ” She absolutely tried to draw HRH Princess Eugenie and husband Jack Brooksbank are a genuine couple just like TRH the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge. Open in app ; Facebook · Tweet · Pinterest · Reddit · Mail · Embed · Permalink  23 Sep 2019 6002themint reblogged this from fullbananabouquet-posts · 6002themint liked this. thelondonroyal. You will have to recall many of the things I’ve said in past messages. You are the Queen of Shades. Is this MM’s paid cameraman and she “was” going to “crash Anonymous said: Good morning Skippy 🙂👋, how sharp, handsome, well dressed and HAPPY, our Harry looks at the Cricket in London today. luminousluciano added this GIF to a post Nov 27, 2018 · fullbananabouquet-posts liked this queenredlime said: So remember everyonr, trust your instincts, it is only coming out now but the body language and actions at the wedding of Kate spoke volumes of what Kate felt about the grifter “ All the portraits released to mark Prince George’s 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Birthday — 2014 - 2018. Jul 10, 2019 · Supposedly Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor was born on May 6, 2019. Also ironic is that a large part of the racism narrative has been the ‘compton’ headline when it was actually a fact. superbhairdoaliencolor liked this Princess Beatrice and boyfriend Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi looked very much in love as they were spotted strolling through New York hand-in-hand on St Patrick’s Day 2019 Images Belong to TheImageDirect. catsarefab liked this . fullbananabouquet-posts. She will be using mostly her own highly enhanced/heavily filtered pictures from now on. fair dealings guildelines! I want everyone to have their own opinion and learn to think for themselves. Untitled. 30th September 2017 (Part 1) - Meghan Markle, Doria and her friends Jessica Mulroney and Markus Anderson at the Invictus Games closing ceremony in Toronto. westallen-sharpwin liked this May 20, 2018 · fullbananabouquet-posts added this GIF to a post . If the marriage & their kid is real, then surely, for heaven’s sake, they could post one single picture for Christmas that is NOT photoshopped! 😳 I know people call me Tin-hat crazy for saying this but I do believe you’d have to be willfully blind to still believe THIS is a real marriage & baby. workingon46and2 a dit : I’m on Team Fake Marriage. This is so telling! Leaving out the constitutionally irrelevant duo! Well played Your Majesty. I really/really/really struggle to post images of her…so I’m forcing myself to repost this. 7+ minutes long. It was also the market identified by London PR for MM - the most vulnerable, easy to influence, and susceptible . On writing to complain to Luminary bakery regarding the loose hair of Megs and other hygiene concerns a very nice lady was surprised to read their reply and thought it was a little off to say the least. wemariuniverse liked this fullbananabouquet-posts added this GIF to a post . yes please Mind you, I don’t think even the aliens want her the hoaxers sent an email to MM’s pr people asking if Harry would speak with Greta. Own yourself Rachel She doing a flash back guys!! Or am I wrong ???? I’m guessing she doesn’t like her seats again 😂😂😂😂😂😂@skippyv20 @hunnymae @ladygreyhound93 @the-charlatan-duchess @onceuponaroyal @emsi247 @hayls111 fullbananabouquet-posts. des2670 liked this . thymehealsallsoups. Interesting article fullbananabouquet-posts. Everything that could be removed was. Like they don’t have dog sitters or luxury kennels in LA, pu-leeze! james breeden, if you want stories from us all you have to do is ask!! i promise you we all are more than willing to give you stories on mm!!!! The picture of MM in a camel coat and black dress with the 3-belly button belly was when she arrived for her visit to Smartworks on the 10th of January 2019 (supposedly 6 months pregnant). another bobblehead . electronicexpertwombathuman reblogged this from fullbananabouquet-posts and added: But isn’t that baby not even 5moths old,you say start with seven months to bounce hunnymae liked this electronicexpertwombathuman reblogged this from fullbananabouquet-posts and added: But isn’t that baby not even 5moths old,you say start with seven months to bounce hunnymae liked this Hi betty, simply put and leaving lots out, Black rod is a historic traditional role dating back over 600 years. nannadownunder liked this . Maybe someone was born on that day, but it's not this kid that Meghan is toting around today at a polo match, just 8 weeks later. royalpain16 liked this fullbananabouquet-posts ATTENTION ALL GIRLS AND LADIES: if you walk from home, school, office or anywhere and you are alone and you come across a little boy crying holding a piece of paper with an address on it, DO NOT TAKE HIM THERE! take him straight to the police station for this is the new ‘gang’ way of rape. fair dealings guildelines! fullbananabouquet-posts. mysweetteame. Start your own reality show that calls keeping up with the earl and countess of DUMBarton. independent. Hi Skippy, at first I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt but after seeing the clip where the baby didn't move at all with all the camera shutters, it is really odd. Anonymous asked: Don’t be surprised if the mess in Iowa wasn’t a way to get HRC on the presidential ticket again, that’s why So Wiiliam is nearly two years older than Diana was when she died. Originally posted by animatedtext. The top photo clearly shows a guy with a camera. fullbananabouquet-posts: “ Furry on Twitter brought this to my attention…TP’s last tweet and the fact it’s not about the prince who’s in the press (meaning it’s about another prince who is not in the If I followed more royal reporters, I’m sure more names would come up. If you don’t want to follows protocols and the rules moves back to LA or Toronto. Some say the difference is due to botox…does botox give you that neck? Nope…I don’t think so! mapleleaf2rouge. skippyisheretostay:. Hiw stupid can you be? Ah but the public don’t know how they are being blackmailed by Mysterious backers, that the wedding never really took place and the stupidest Royal since Mad King George is secretly working undercover to protect the Queen by “falling on his sword? See, that’s what the app is perfect for. Aug 06, 2019 · Balmoral Castle in Scotland, where Queen Elizabeth II spends her summer holiday, is widely thought to be the monarch's favorite residence. talkingtarot added this GIF to a post . now we can add Momma Williams to the list 😂 ” Oh, Will! You are so funny!!! Luminary Bakery have 'interesting' standards. Interesting article MEGHAN MARKLE had husband Prince Harry cross the "narrow line" between celebrity and royal life he had sworn to "never cross," royal biographer Angela Levin has claimed. Be kind please, oh how I dislike that word now, be gentle please. THIS is Associated Press (Free Press) THIS is Chris Allerton/Sussex Royal (propaganda) Look in the bottom left of every picture. It really does look digitally superimposed. maximumoperatorzonktree liked this @fullbananabouquet-posts yep! Something is off. lacnumber5 liked this Dec 17, 2018 · confessionsbritishroyals:. Sick Of Ginge & Cringe’s Lies religion-is-a-mental-illness. I tried to post a photo but l just can’t figure it out. littlelillyladybug fullbananabouquet-posts. fullbananabouquet

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